Lies are the work of the Deceiver: 1 Peter 2:16–17

I am legit astounded that sharpiegate is still a thing. You should not need to have counter evidence presented more than once — your narrative should be self correcting for two important reasons:

1/ You should *want* the things you say to be honest and true. This is called integrity.

2/ You should *welcome* correct information so you can better support your point. This is called debate.

I know you found hope in Donald Trump and I truly truly sympathize with how hard it can be to feel those hopes slipping away. …

The Dude has an existential epiphany

I think I did it, y’all! I solved the problem of the gender neutral ‘dude’. This time tested slang has survived generations of youth cultural reinventions to become a perennial exclamation nearly as versatile as “fuck” in its range.
But then trans equality came along and ruined it for all those cis dudes out there who were mad that it’s technically gendered and didn’t like getting asked to replace it.

Complicating the situation were the many trans voices who were like “look we get it but also, dude! Cis people have taken everything must you also give them Bill and…

State violence as a method of homeless population control is essentially eugenics

Image Credit: Invisible People

I’ll never forget being in active addiction when student loans were my hustle and I had to fake going to class long enough to get my disbursement. One semester I hopped a light rail the first day and had to flee the train nazis that got on checking passes — but I left my student ID behind, so they pursued me to campus and the cops came and removed me from class.

They wrote me a citation and I slunk back in with everyone staring at me, which of course I failed to appear and/or pay whatever fine. After I…

I understand your pain, because I feel it too.

I was socialized to believe I was growing up privileged only to discover that life is hard. As a cis white male, the messages I received through media and culture told me things would be easy.

Then I found out I was gay.

But that’s not really my point here, and I hope you were able to get past those first few sentences. Because my gayness hasn’t even been the primary root of my oppression.

What really shattered my illusions was finally figuring out I was working class. The promise of…

It’s all bread and circuses until someone gets hurt.

(a response to Charles Stephen’s post, here)

The idea that America is decaying like Rome and needs to be made great again is fascist propaganda. In fact, like Rome, America was never great, it was always bloodthirsty and murderous.

To be made great, it needs to *stop* pining for a time when “patriotism” (aka fervent blind nationalism) was somehow beneficial (hint, it never is) and stop viewing itself through the eyes of a haughty, self righteous exceptionalist “greatness” to which it must always and forever be grabbing at desperately.

This drive to continuously snatch ever more out of the world…

Nobbles, my emotional companion animal

(My dog has her own Facebook, and sometimes she writes cool stuff)

People always wonder why God lets bad things happen, often they themselves could do something but aren’t.

Here’s the thing: There’s a teaching about how God’s love is perfected in us. That happens when we manifest that love for neighbor through our actions. Are you deliberately enacting your love for neighbor through your actions with everyone, at all times? Then God’s love is not being perfected in you, and when billions of people fall short at doing this, we get an imperfect expression of God’s love.

But what…

Sign of the Times: I see Trump’s red triangle post dated yesterday and assume he’s coopted another historical date as he’s doing with Juneteenth and did with the anniversary of the Pulse.

So I went through some timelines and histories looking for significant dates on June 17; turns out the GOP held its first national convention in 1856 and Rodney King was found dead in his swimming pool in 2012. Also, the head of the Hitler Youth was named in 1933.

But you know what else?

The Statue of Liberty arrived in NYC in 1885. The watergate arrests took place…

As a queer person living with a mental health condition, former homeless and survivor of addiction, I want every progressive on this planet to know that Biden’s sycophants do not speak for me and I don’t need you to go against your conscience to protect me. Don’t let them use people like me to shame you.

I survived decades of abuse from the very same neoliberal policies that now claim to be the Trump salvation and it’s a profoundly patronizing and false bullshit narrative. The problems of corruption and systemic abuse of people like me in the US run far…

The promise of democratic government is the preservation of consent. By asking the people to speak and obeying the voice of the majority, in theory the consent of the governed is maintained.

But what does it mean to consent when your choices are limited by the ones conducting the poll?

Let me paint you a very clear picture. Imagine you’re with a few friends at a party and you decide to order take out. Three of you want asian food and one wants pizza. Easy, right? Your friend goes into the kitchen and returns with two menus. Unfortunately, they’re both…

So they wouldn’t emissions test my car because the check engine light was on, so I got my mechanic to clear it but it turns out your car now snitches on you by telling them it was recently cleared. So you have to drive until all the systems report to the snitching device which of course the light came back on. I mean who cares if it even has whatsoever to do with emissions, they’re gonna compel me to have it diagnosed and repaired until the light turns off.

I get concern for the environment and I’m on board with…


I do what I want

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